How many of us suffer with a mental illness?

Do you feel like just another number when you get called into the psychiatrists office after sitting there for 45 min? Just to be asked, "so how are you doing today?" You say fine they check your medications and to the door you go.

Well that was educational. I feel like I'm safe.

NOT just more medications and their side effects.

I feel so alone like nobody understands.

Why am I going through this? Why me? I know the other side looks so tempting and peaceful but how do I get there?

Do I really need to go through all this hell just so other people don't suffer in pain because of my demise?

Why can't anybody help me?

Why can't I help myself?

What is the matter with me?


You are worth it!
Your value does not decrease based on someone else's inability to see YOUR worth.

Lets do this! Together we can!!!

Mental Health Counselling

Traumatic Brain Injuries



A parent nor family is ever prepared when their child suffers from mental health issues, such as my son's case.

My son, Tyson, had a mountain bike trauma on Whistler Mountain and has never been the same. We are never prepared for our lives to turn so abruptly.

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    "Jennifer has a kind caring manner that will put you at ease as you explore options for creating a successful way of living that works best for you.”

    L.B August 2022
  • "I love that they make it easy to find counseling options during a time in our world where so many people are feeling the stress. I needed counseling for a family member in the past, and it was tough to find any that could work with us or with our insurance, and limited options were offered”

    P.D. May 21st 2022
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    "Everyone can use counselling, especially during these trying times of COVID-19. People are getting "cabin fever" being shut-in and isolated like they are. It's a good time to address some of the issues that are coming to the surface.”

    D.L. PhD July 22, 2022
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    "I was in a car accident and I was teamed up with Jenn. Jenn is very friendly, impersonal, patient, provides support and helps you to work through the issue(s) at hand. I highly encourage you to reach out to her to assist in your needs."

    Laura Mass Mass Business Solutions. March 04 2022
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    "I highly recommend Jennifer Vauthrin and her services as a counsellor and coach. You will no doubt find Jennifer holds a safe space for you to be very real about what is going on for you and her gift of insight to assist you to rewire and navigate a new way of life that supports you. Ask her about a complimentary session or refer someone soon. You and they will be glad they did"

    L.Hillton Sept 1st 2022
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    "Jen is a great person and counsellor "

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