Over the years I have realized how difficult it can be to balance family, work and have time for yourself. I have found throughout the years people like you and I want happiness, healthy communication, trust, health, stability, and love. I help you find the tools that work for you, as you are an individual, with areas in your life that are not the same as others. You are unique with your own set of wiring. The tools that work for others will not necessarily fit into your life. Helping you to understand you, like yourself and free yourself from the box you have been programmed into. Don't let fear stand in the way of living experiencing your true existence. Once you have achieved this the rest falls into place. You will feel a sense of freedom, joy, passion for living. You will feel motivated and inspired.

Your relationships will work better; your work will be more productive and less chaotic. Most people don't realize how much drama they pull into their lives because it becomes "normal" behaviour and we are accustomed to it. When we are confronted with the word drama, you will learn how to have that with no guilt to put all the drama aside and know what it’s like to be at peace with your decisions. When it is time to play, to work have, be with your children, family time, getting together with friends and making time for just you.

Soulutions Counselling & Coaching with Jennifer

To give yourself to your spouse, your children, your work and especially to you. Most importantly to be you. To leave your grief, stress, depression/anxiety, anger, guilt etc. at the door and move forward. Sometimes this can be the most challenging for all of us and we throw ourselves into work, addictions, loveless relationships, become overwhelmingly angry and take it out on others, usually the ones we love the most. Eventually our health is gone, life has slipped by and we are alone because we pushed all that we loved away. Jennifer's expertise and passion with her clients is unbelievable. A special talent that many profess to have but really don't understand. She will walk with you every step of the way if you let her.

I began my schooling in 1989. I graduated from University of Victoria in 1993, started my career in 1994 working with teens and their families who found themselves distanced from each other, often due to unhealthy communication patterns and lack of understanding. I later continued similar work as a Clinical Counselor establishing herself in the community with my own Counselling practice. One that focused on helping those achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations, by stepping outside of their boxes without fear.

​As time went, on I felt I needed to keep my knowledge growing, I had so many more questions on what the best way was to better help my clients reach their goals in a way that was quick, yet effective with life altering tools, so they would move forward to the next level in their life.

Presently I enjoy my private practice in White Rock/South Surrey, B.C. With online services I am able to connect with Clients from all over. I conduct telephone/online sessions at my clients’ convenience.

  • very friendly professional service

    A.G June 2021
  • Highly Recommended

    "Jennifer has a kind caring manner that will put you at ease as you explore options for creating a successful way of living that works best for you.”

    L.B August 2022
  • "I love that they make it easy to find counseling options during a time in our world where so many people are feeling the stress. I needed counseling for a family member in the past, and it was tough to find any that could work with us or with our insurance, and limited options were offered”

    P.D. May 21st 2022
  • Creekside Holistic Services - Natural Health Consultant

    Highly Recommended

    "Everyone can use counselling, especially during these trying times of COVID-19. People are getting "cabin fever" being shut-in and isolated like they are. It's a good time to address some of the issues that are coming to the surface.”

    D.L. PhD July 22, 2022
  • Highly Recommended

    "I was in a car accident and I was teamed up with Jenn. Jenn is very friendly, impersonal, patient, provides support and helps you to work through the issue(s) at hand. I highly encourage you to reach out to her to assist in your needs."

    Laura Mass Mass Business Solutions. March 04 2022
  • Highly Recommended

    "jennifer is a great lady with a great business and a true business woman"

    ctfo 10x pure hemp products Aug 31st 2022
  • Dominion Macklem Mortgages

    Highly Recommended

    "Very good Counselling.”

    M.J.B. June 8th 2022
  • Highly Recommended

    "Excellent counseling service"

    J.T. January 2021
  • Highly Recommended

    "I highly recommend Jennifer Vauthrin and her services as a counsellor and coach. You will no doubt find Jennifer holds a safe space for you to be very real about what is going on for you and her gift of insight to assist you to rewire and navigate a new way of life that supports you. Ask her about a complimentary session or refer someone soon. You and they will be glad they did"

    L.Hillton Sept 1st 2022
  • Xango/Zija

    "Jen is a great person and counsellor "

    J.P. Sept 2019